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Here’s how the name, Meditation Momma, was given to me.

I had been teaching for a couple of years when it became clear I needed to start sending out a newsletter to simplify communication with my students. One day, I asked my class to help me find a name for the newsletter – a name besides my own.

My name front and center? No thank you.

We bandied about suggestions but everything was so seeeerious, so triiiiite or too contemplative. Nothing was capturing the friendliness, warmth, support, and fun we enjoyed in class. Not to mention, I've been known to cuss, or be mildly inappropriate by some standards, on occasion, and some sort of serious, lofty name wouldn't be real for me.

In an effort to switch our focus I told them how my daughter’s friends and co-workers in LA affectionately called me Momma Prentice. Someone shouted, “Meditation Momma” and we all started cracking up big time because we knew -- that was it!

And that is the simple story of how, Meditation Momma came to be.

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Are these the after effects of a retreat? All I want to know is: HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? I feel different. I didn't know I could, even for a short time, be this centered, patient, kind and loving, and be able to share that with my family. What a gift!

- Lisa



Goodbye 2017... HELLO 2018!
Set your intentions for 2018. We start by bringing closure to 2017 with a contemplative meditation that clears the slate and frees you from the baggage of the past. From there we move into a meditative process designed to help you fine tune your truest intentions—your deepest aspirations—for 2018. We conclude with a powerful meditation to remove obstacles so our intention for 2018 will be sure to manifest.

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