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Caren in Chicago

Temple of Kriya Yoga (near Logan Square)

September 11

NOON MEDITATION ~ Find Heaven Within: Presence
The Kingdom of Heaven is hidden in the heart of each moment. Learning how to practice “Presence,” learning how to “Be Here Now,” gently opens a portal that leads to awareness of the kingdom of heaven within you.

AFTERNOON LECTURE ~ Use the Physical Body as Your Vehicle to Enlightenment.
You may have noticed that the information about meditation can be a little confusing. The mindfulness movement wants us to stay in the body while other meditation schools want us to transcend the body. So which is it? The glib, short answer is: both. The longer more thoughtful answer—which is where we’re going with this teaching—begins with the HOW and WHEN to stay in the body and HOW and WHEN to transcend the body. Once we have a handle on that, we will explore using the body as a training ground to handle energy and as a unique and precious vehicle to awakening.

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