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Caren in Chicago:

Temple of Kriya Yoga

2414 N Kedzie Blvd
Chicago, Illinois 60647


Saturday March 24

Understanding Karma
March 20, Saturday,
9:00 - 3:30 pm


Understand and Make Peace With: Your Mind
May 5, Saturday,
9:00 - 3:30 pm




Sunday, January 21

NOON MEDITATION: 12:00 - 1:00pm
Finding Refuge in Presence

Love Offering
Using the meditation techinque known as "mindful presence" we will approach a "feeling state" that becomes a refuge where we find comfort, safety, acceptance, contentment and love.

Refuge as a Path to Presence

Love Offering
Refuge is a fundamental principle in Buddhist and Yogic Philosophy. We will explore the three levels of Refuge as they are taught in Buddhism and show how they correlate to the teachings in Kriya Yoga. The result: a deeper understanding of the mystical path.



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I am so happy that you planted this seed of meditation in me. So many things have changed in me and you give me hope. If an angry mom can turn into this chill meditation lady maybe I can too. :) Rebecca

- Rebecca



Begin. Again.” It's such a simple phrase. Deceptively so. This simple concept contains levels and layers of wisdom we need as meditators to:

  • Cultivate the stable foundation for our daily practice both on and off the cushion. 
  • Experience equanimity. 
  • Master the practice of Meditation as a LIfestyle and an Art.

All are ESSENTIAL, in my experience, to evolving from beginning to advanced meditator. 
Retreat is full. 
Contact us to be put on wait list.

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