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  • Unf_ckwithable: (adj.) When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or fear or drama can touch you. 
    ~ Positive Words Reserach

April 21-23, 2107
Ananda Center Laurelwood, Oregon

Arrive:  3:30 pm Friday
Depart: 1:30 pm Sunday


There are all kinds of meditation retreats: big, small, lecture, sitting, walking, silent, service…

is a thoroughly enjoyable

A unique opportunity to:

  • Learn traditional and modern methods of mind training to help you become the master of your mind and emotions.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.  Get the hang of what it feels like to shift powerful, long-standing patterns of thought and emotion that have trapped you in reactivity. 
  • Identify and practice the specific skills you will use to remain unflappable no matter what gets triggered inside you, or what toxicity, drama, or catastrophe surrounds you. Feel what it's like to be centered, happy, strong, and unf_ckwithable!

Women's Retreats are uniquely precious. I hope you can take advantage of this weekend to enfold yourself in the support and acceptance of other women who struggle with the same things you do. You will learn how to establish yourself firmly in equanimity, kindness, clarity, gentleness, and humorthe keys to becoming unapologetically and joyously UNF_CKWITHABLE.


  • Pricing:  Private rooms do not have private baths. It's dormitory style bathrooms.
  • Meals:  Yummy vegetarian with vegan and gluten free options avialble at each meal. 
  • Refunds: Available until April 1.
  • Subscribers: Just a friendly reminder, "Subscriber Discounts" are not available for retreats.

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I signed up for your Online Subscriber Program and did a meditation before bed. First time in about 2 weeks that I was able to fall back asleep after getting up to pee. Yahoo for a good night's rest!

- Jessica



Begin. Again.” It's such a simple phrase. Deceptively so. This simple concept contains levels and layers of wisdom we need as meditators to:

  • Cultivate the stable foundation for our daily practice both on and off the cushion. 
  • Experience equanimity. 
  • Master the practice of Meditation as a LIfestyle and an Art.

All are ESSENTIAL, in my experience, to evolving from beginning to advanced meditator. 
Retreat is full. 
Contact us to be put on wait list.

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