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If you are an Online Subscriber, this is an opportunity for you and I to meet in person!

Having some one on one time to talk about how your practice is going can be a real boost. Meditation techniques and teachings are usually given in groups but depend on opportunities like this to personalize the techniques and teachings to work for each practitioners personality and lifestyle. 

The best part though, is how stimulating, inspiring, and fun it is when we have a chance to chat informally and learn together!

Spring Topics and Schedule:

  • The challenges of sustaining a meditation practice.
  • How to turn those challenges into success.
  • Plus any other questions you might have!


Friday May 4, 7 - 8:30 pm
Location TBA

Saturday, May 5, 11 -1
Temple of Kriya Yoga

Thursday, May 10, 7 - 8:30 pm
My home


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My son really enjoyed your teen classes and felt they helped him. The other day he said, out of the blue: "Meditation is really helping me. The other day I was really mad at you and about to do something stupid but I controlled my brain and got a glass of water instead."

- Christy



Learn how to use your emotions as gateways into wisdom, balance and full-hearted compassion. Emotions, once we understand how to use them, are powerful forces we can use to help our hearts unfold and mature.


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