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6 weeks  July 10 - Aug 14
Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Sachi Wellness Center or Online

Meditation: 7:00 - 8:00pm
Optional Overtime Confab* 8:00-8:25pm


Join us for this friendly, easy going, and highly effective Group Meditation.

This six week series will focus on:

  • Practices to bring deep relaxation to the body,
  • Mind Training Techniques to quiet the mind,
  • Meditations to bring mindful presence to the breath.
  • Opening to change.

Once a week makes a difference!

Traditionally, group meditations are an integral part of any practice. Why? Because meditating together creates a field that enhances everyone's experience. Join us to help revive your personal practice or to reap the unique benefits that come from meditating with a group of like-minded individuals.

Available in person and online.
If you choose the online option you will be sent a link 15-ish minutes before class to allow you to join us from your phone or computer. Give it a try! It works!

Going on vacation?  Let me know and I'll be sure to send you the link to join us online from wherever you are... Alaska? Hawaii? Venice...?


NEW! Overtime Confab*
For those who can stay a little longer, this is a chance to ask questions and engage in some informal discussion and teaching. It's turning out to be the best part of the evening!

Confab informal (Confabulation)an informal private conversation or discussion.

Some previous meditation experience recommended. If brand new to meditation consider taking the HOW TO MEDITATE series in the fall.


Online Subscribers, remember to enter your discount code at checkout to receive your 15% discount!

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If MEDITATE is on your list of goals, you have found a treasure trove to help you. We've got a growing library of meditations for you to choose from that adapt to your mood and timeframe; tutorials to help you learn the techniques, and teachings that help you get happier. Meditate

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When you led us through each of our senses, when we got to taste, I had the sudden impression of the word "sorrow”. Sorrow I could taste… it made sense. I was steeping in sorrow of the past (mistakes) and dread of the future (empty nest) instead of just living joyously in the present.

- Cathy



Sept 15,  9-1

Sept 22, 9 - 1

Forgiveness is considered an advanced spiritual practice because it takes a mature individual to even be willing to practice it. If you think you are ready to release, or at least learn how to release, yourself from the hurts, wrongs, and baggage of the past, then please join me for this transformative workshop.

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