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As moms, we often feel we are falling short or screwing up. We find the reality of motherhood is bringing out the worst in us, not the best. If you would like to ease the challenges, frustrations and exhaustion of being a mom, then treat yourself to a meditation class designed just for you.

In each class we take time to relax the body and settle the mind. We talk, we meditate, we laugh, we learn how to meditate.

We also learn:

  • How to ease up on judging ourselves and be kinder.
  • To be less reactive (angry, anxious) and more responsive (wise, kind).
  • How to use meditation to improve our lives.

As surely as day follows night, we begin to become the moms we always dreamed of being.

It is my sincere hope that you will find our time together becomes an oasis in your week. A refuge where you feel appreciated, supported, nurtured, understood and accepted. A refuge where your journey to becoming the mom you always dreamed of being can safely begin.

Does it work? Well our families think so!
As one mom recounted, “I told my kids, 'I have meditation class but I don’t feel like going out tonight.' And my daughter said, 'Oh, Mom! You should go. You should go. It’s working!'”

I hope you will join us!

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If MEDITATE is on your list of goals, you have found a treasure trove to help you. We've got a growing library of meditations for you to choose from that adapt to your mood and timeframe; tutorials to help you learn the techniques, and teachings that help you get happier. Meditate

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Just wanted to let you know I woke up today with a new lease on life. I am so sold on this meditation thing! Thanks so much. I really enjoy learning from you. Can’t wait to come back for group meditation.

- Caroll



August 11-13, 2017
Soma Ranch ~ Houston, Texas


Give yourself this special weekend to learn meditation techniques that prepare you to remain calm and unflappable no matter what drama or toxicity is going on around you. Learn how you can become Unf_ckwithable!

Space is limited. Register now and reserve your spot!

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