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Mondays 7:00 - 9:00pm
6 week series  April 9 - May 21
No class April 30
Location: Caren’s home.

As moms, we often feel we are falling short or screwing up. We find the reality of motherhood is bringing out the worst in us, not the best. If you would like to ease the challenges, frustrations and exhaustion of being a mom, then treat yourself to a meditation class designed just for you.

Each class is unique. We talk, we meditate, we laugh, we share, but we always show up for, "what's in the room," which is the technical term for: adapting the teaching of the evening to the unique needs of the moms who have shown up and are right there, in the room.

We also learn:

  • How to ease up on judging ourselves and others and how to be kinder to ourselves, our kids, and our spouses or partners.
  • How to be less reactive (angry, anxious, afraid) and more responsive (wise, kind, skillful).
  • How to use meditation to become aware of what is out of balance in our inner world and stop blaming the outside world for our problems.
  • Best of all, we learn a beautiful array of meditation techniques to help us re-balance and improve our lives.

Not all techniques work for all people and not all techniques work in all situations. Over time our moms learn many different techniques and methods so they have the tools they need to keep their equanimity and sense of humor no matter what shows up in their lives.

It is my sincere hope that you will find our time together becomes an oasis in your week. A refuge where you feel appreciated, supported, nurtured, understood and accepted. 

Does it work? Well our families think so!
As one mom recounted, “I told my kids, 'I have meditation class but I'm tired and I don’t feel like going out tonight.' And my daughter said, 'Oh, Mom! You should go. You should go. It’s working!'”

I invite you to join us!

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April 9 - May 21
7:00 - 9:00 pm

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Weekly meditation class is my reset button. Everything that has built up during the week is released. I use the breathing techniques all the time, when I'm driving, dealing with my kids or any times of stress. Meditation class reminds me of the person I am trying to become and every week I get a little bit closer.

- Rebecca



If you are an Online Subscriber, this is an opportunity for you and I to meet in person. Bring your questions and I'll do my best to support you in learning how to mature and sustain your meditation practice. It's a chance to fill your cup as we take the time to personalize the techniques and teachings for you, your personality, and your lifestyle.
Check the class listing for dates and times I'm coming to your city or when we're meeting online.

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