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Fall Calendar 2017


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Whether you live in Oregon, Houston, Chicago, or elsewhere, I hope you'll find there is something for you, locally or online, that will help deepen your understanding of meditation and strengthen your personal meditation practice.

Be sure to check out the Spring Meditation Retreat and take advantage of Early Bird Pricing.


Meditate Online

If MEDITATE is on your list of goals, you have found a treasure trove to help you. We've got a growing library of meditations for you to choose from that adapt to your mood and timeframe; tutorials to help you learn the techniques, and teachings that help you get happier. Meditate

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Thanks Caren, I will be re-reading your newsletter a lot in the coming days. I am awed by the calmness and presence that come across through you. Thank you.

- Mike



Goodbye 2017... HELLO 2018!
Set your intentions for 2018. We start by bringing closure to 2017 with a contemplative meditation that clears the slate and frees you from the baggage of the past. From there we move into a meditative process designed to help you fine tune your truest intentions—your deepest aspirations—for 2018. We conclude with a powerful meditation to remove obstacles so our intention for 2018 will be sure to manifest.

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