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What is Meditation Momma anyway?

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If MEDITATE is on your list of goals, you have found a treasure trove to help you. We've got a growing library of meditations for you to choose from that adapt to your mood and timeframe; tutorials to help you learn the techniques, and teachings that help you get happier. Meditate

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Temple of Kriya Yoga- Sunday, August 21

Seek Out Your Own Enlightenment!

The Cosmic Vision: God In All Its Glory

Who can forget that riveting moment in the movie “A Few Good Men” when Tom Cruise demands, “I want the truth!” and Jack Nicholson thunders those infamous words, “You can’t handle the truth!” Similarly, in chapter eleven of the Bhagavad Gita...

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In-Person Classes

People love our classes! We are easy-going, relaxed, and we keep our introverts feeling safe! We laugh when cell phones go off ‘cause we don't take ourselves too seriously but that doesn't mean we are fluffy or shallow. Our teachings and meditations are deep and true and real.

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Are these the after effects of a retreat? All I want to know is: HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? I feel different. I didn't know I could, even for a short time, be this centered, patient, kind and loving, and be able to share that with my family. What a gift!

- Lisa