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There really is nothing else like this out there so we've provided a few samples below for you to see short clips of what's we've created for you. If you like what you see scroll down to see our different subscriber payment options.


Sample Teachings

Settling the Mind


A short object lesson on the Nature of Mind to demonstrate how meditation removes thoughts that are obstructing our happiness.

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Settling the Mind 2


Learn two very calming and effective Buddhist Techniques to settle the mind. Calm Abiding and "Labeling".

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5 Poisons and the Antidotes


Tired of the toxic thoughts and emotions that drain all your energy and joy? Here's how to recognize, neutralize, and transform them.

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Beyond the Obvious Answer


Asking the right question is key to transforming entrenched patterns of thought and behavior that sabotage our happiness.

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Sample Meditations

Meditation to Start Your Day


Start the day calm, focused and ready for whatever life brings your way!

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Opening to Stillness


Release the body, allow it to dissolve into stillness, ahhhh....

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Meditation on the Breath Using Hong-Sau


Relax deeply and let this meditation gently guide you into the Hong-Sau Mantra, one of the best regenerating techniques for mind, body and spirit.

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Meditation to Close Your Day


Bring a sense of gentle closure to your day.

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Sample Tutorials

Alternate Nasal Breathing


The ultimate Balancing Breath!

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Ujjayi Breath


An excellent breath to calm the nervous system and soothe the mind. Ujjaya is also used in many other pranayamas.

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Counting Breath


A simple and effective technique for calming the mind and becoming present in the moment.

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Object of Beauty Technique


Learn the Object of Beauty Technique and how you can use it to develop a state of consciousness that is calm, serene, and content.

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