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6 weeks, Jan 7 - Feb 11
Mondays 7:00-8:30pm CST  

If you would like to ease the challenges, frustrations and exhaustion of being a mom, then treat yourself to a meditation class designed just for you!

Learn how to navigate the hardest and most important job on the planet; Being a Mom! Return to your family with tools and techniques that will help you:

  • Remain calm,
  • Be less reactive,
  • Feel less angry and less overwhelmed
  • Not take things so personally,
  • Find your sense of humor.

As moms, we often feel we are falling short or screwing up—never doing anything well enough. We often find the reality of motherhood is bringing out the worst in us, not the best. There’s good news! It doesn’t need to be like this!

In each class we take time to relax the body and settle the mind. We talk, we meditate, we laugh, and we learn how to ease up on the constant self-criticism so we can be kinder, less reactive and happier. This time together will become an oasis in your week, a refuge, where you will feel appreciated, understood, and nurtured. We become the "mom" we always dreamed of being.

Does it work? Well our families think so!?
As one mom recounted, “I told my kids, 'I have meditation class tonight but I'm so tired.' And my daughter said, 'Oh, Mom! You should go. You should go. It’s working!'”

I hope you will join us!

You will be sent a link each evening, shortly before we start. Jusf click on the link, you will be prompted to download the app to your device (phone, tablet, or computer) if you don't already have it. It only takes a minute or so to download. Once you click the link you will be taken right to the online meeting. 


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6 Week Winter Series
Jan 7 - Feb 11
Mondays 7:00 - 8:30 pm CST


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If MEDITATE is on your list of goals, you have found a treasure trove to help you. We've got a growing library of meditations for you to choose from that adapt to your mood and timeframe; tutorials to help you learn the techniques, and teachings that help you get happier. Meditate

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I just now completed the online meditation. I Love it!!! It's so much easier for me to follow the video than to follow written instructions. It's very comforting to have you lead it in your calm voice. And I can peek if I have questions about technique. Thank you, Caren, it works perfectly for me!!

- Peggy



Goodbye 2018... HELLO 2019!
Set your intentions for 2019. Start by bringing closure to 2018 with a contemplative meditation that clears the slate and frees you to move forward. Move into a meditative process that helps you fine tune your truest intentions—your deepest aspiration—for 2019. Bring your intention into manifestation with a powerful meditation that removes obstacles and ensures your intention for 2019 will become a reality. 

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