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Classes FAQs

What do you do in there (class)? I hear lots of laughter…

Each class is different, but generally speaking we open with a brief meditation (Don’t worry about not knowing what to do, it’s easy to just follow along.) followed by a short discussion, or teaching, to help us gain skills to cope better with our lives (that’s the laughter part), and then we end with another period of meditation.

I just can’t sit still, can I still try your class?

If you are a fidgeter, no worries! So was I. Most of us fidget a lot at first.
We alternate between sitting and laying down on the floor so the body stays happy.

Do I have to sit on the floor?

Nope. We have comfy chairs and hard chairs to accommodate different body needs.

What kind of meditation do you teach?

I teach the basic techniques that are common to all meditation traditions. Whether you study/practice meditation from the scientific/medical perspective or through an established tradition, such as Buddhism or Yoga, there are common threads  – and these are what I teach.

Why do you teach different techniques?

Because meditation is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.
My hope is that by making meditation accessible, I can give students the opportunity to experiment and discover the technique that resonates best with their personality so that they will feel comfortable pursuing further studies in the tradition that works best for them.

What kind of meditation do you practice?

My main practice is from the Kriya Yoga Tradition. However, I am currently studying Tibetan Buddhism as I have always sought to know the core truth all traditions share. I was raised Catholic but during the tumultuous sixties and  seventies began exploring other traditions including: Buddhism, New Thought Christianity, Sufi, Native American, Hawaiian, Yoga, and Quantum Theory to mention a few. The more I study and the longer I live, the closer I come to experiencing the core I've been seeking. It's a beautiful process.

Do you teach private sessions?

Yes. I’ve taught many. They are a wonderful way to address your individual concerns and find a technique that works best for you and your specific situation.