What is the CandleTime Tradition? It's Magic!

With the simple words, “It’s CandleTime,” you’ve begun the best part of the holiday season.
With each day comes a new activity to bring your focus to what this season is all about:
kindness, giving and family connection— the things that really matter.

The tradition is short, sweet and fun!

It begins the first day of December or whenever you can
—even a week or a few days is worth doing— and lasts through the 25th.
It takes just 10 - 15 minutes a day and by the time Christmas Day comes around
something fulfilling and meaningful is alive in your home and heart.

How does it happen? You light the candles, share inspirational thoughts, and most
importantly, draw activity cards related to kindness, secret giving, fun and connection.
The magic of CandleTime grows between these moments.

The Tradition adapts easily to all beliefs, ages and stages of life. Whether you live alone,
with a partner, with a houseful of kids, with several roommates, or are empty nesters,
this tradition is easily adaptable and will bring you a true sense of fulfillment.

Families have been doing this tradition for decades and it is,
without question, their favorite part of the Holiday Season.


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CandleTime makes a great Christmas Gift that will last for decades to come!


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Who's doing the CandleTime Tradition?

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Families with Little Ones

Little ones love the candles, the magic, the fun, and attention the tradition brings.

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Families with Older Kids and Teens

As families grow with the tradition the activities encourage kindness, giving and provide precious memories.

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Couples of All Ages

A precious time to connect in ways our everyday lives don’t allow. These few moments will become the favorite part of your day.


Seniors love the sense of purpose and connection the tradition fosters with grandchildren, family members and friends.

Zoom with Friends and Family

Today’s world makes it so easy to share the tradition and bring a shared sense of meaning and purpose to this special time of year.

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