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Calm Mind, Compassionate Heart

8 weeks, September 11–Oct 30
Mondays, 12:00–1:15pm PT / 2:00 CT / 3:00 ET

Online with Darcey Bone & April Holt-Geiger


Being present in each moment with a calm mind and a compassionate heart is possible. In this session of our Beginning Meditation classes, we will focus on techniques and practices that train us to live more fully in the present moment. That is the only place where the calm mind and compassionate heart are found—not in tomorrow—in each present moment.

As a beginning meditator, one of the first things you learn are techniques to bring your mind, your awareness, into the present moment. Little by little you’ll come to realize that the present moment connects you with a calm mind and compassionate heart that already exists within you.

One of the myths of meditation is that you ‘do’ meditation to ‘get’ calm, ‘get’ peace, ‘get’ enlightened. The truth is, meditation isn’t about ‘getting’ anything. It’s about letting go of the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, agendas, and judgments that keep you from experiencing the present moment ‘just as it is.’

Being in the present moment means accepting what is happening in each moment without judgment or resistance—not a skill set learned in school or at home.

Instead we’re given a set of ‘shoulds’:

  • You should think this. You shouldn’t think that.
  • You should feel this. You shouldn’t feel that.
  • You should do this. You shouldn’t do that.
  • You should act like this. You shouldn’t act like that.

We’re taught to judge others, and ourselves, by these ‘shoulds’ and as a result, most of us have spent decades ignoring, denying, judging and resisting, what is present in our bodies, minds, and hearts, in each moment. The result? Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Anger. Jealousy. Shame.

What if you could show up for the life you’re living with acceptance, kindness, and equanimity?


That’s what this session of our beginning series is all about. You will learn techniques and teachings that:

  • allow you to become present for what’s really going on in your body, your mind, and your heart in a way that isn’t overwhelming,
  • teach you how to be present with a calm and compassionate heart,
  • dismantle the thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and ‘shoulds,’ that have been running you,
  • cultivate acceptance, kindness, and equanimity within you.



How to participate online:

The zoom link for this class will be in your email receipt. You will also be sent the link an hour before each class.

Extra Bonus
Class participants will receive free access to the Meditation Momma Online Content—with over 100 Instructional Videos, Meditations, and Teachings—for the duration of the class!

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