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Lotus flower

Saturday May 4 
10:00 – 3:00
Early Bird $90.00 through March 15
Houston Heights

Learn how to:

  • Release the shame that is confining you.
  • Reclaim the fragments of your spirit splintered off by shame.
  • Rise from the mucky morass of shame into authentic wholeness and freedom.

Everyone experiences shame to one degree or another. Everyone. But not everyone is aware that this thing called, “shame” is what they are experiencing. There are little shame moments like:

  • Closing or changing your screen when someone walks in the room so they don’t see what you’re doing.
  • Not wanting to poop in public restrooms.
  • Hiding the chip bag under other trash so no-one knows you ate those chips.

Or bigger shame moments like when you:

  • Struggle to wear a swimsuit in public.
  • Pee your pants when you laugh, sneeze or cough.
  • Scramble to clean your home when someone is coming to visit.
  • Can’t talk about the truth of your life with close friends.
  • Make a mistake and can’t bring yourself to apologize.

And then there’s the deep pervasive shame that leaves you:

  • Shut down emotionally.
  • Holding onto secrets for fear of rejection or judgment.
  • Submerged in devitalizing beliefs recently given the moniker, “Imposter Syndrome.”
  • Mired in self-loathing—believing you’re so deeply flawed that if your kids, friends, family, spouse, or co-workers, knew the truth about you, they’d never speak to you again.

Let’s be clear, shame is not embarrassment. It’s way more complicated than that. Sometimes shame shows up as a subtle desire to hide-out. Sometimes it’s a burning rawness throughout your whole being. Sometimes it shows up as anger, fear, judgment, depression, defensiveness, isolating, or one of many self-sabotaging behaviors. Shame has many disguises.

The biggest fallacy when trying to heal shame is the belief that shame responds to logic. It’s doesn’t. Intellect alone cannot free you of shame for this simple reason:

Shame is not logical.

But there are teachings, techniques and meditations available to guide you through the valley of shame to a life where you feel authentic, whole, strong, happy, and free. And they work!

Just as a beautiful lotus rises from mud and muck, so you too can rise authentic and whole from shame.

This is a gentle workshop that will teach you:

  • What shame is.
  • The language of shame.
  • The process to move through shame to wholeness.
  • Three powerful meditation techniques to release shame and feel whole.
  • How to help others become free from shame.

Perhaps the timing is right and you are ready to learn how to release whatever vestiges of shame are preventing you from living a whole and happy life. If so, please join me either Friday or Saturday for this most important teaching and become:

  • Comfortable in your own skin.
  • Safe from other people’s judgment and scorn.
  • Unburdened from your past.
  • Unapologetically you.
  • Wise. Happy. Free.

Please bring your lunch and, if you feel like it, a snack to share.

Online subscribers, don’t forget to take your subscriber discount. 

Location: Houston