Our CandleTime Meditations have been designed specifically for this Tradition. Each meditation is only 2-3 minutes yet they effectively calm, relax, and guide each person to feel the spirit of the season growing in their heart and mind. Suitable for kids and adults. Audio Download



These five CandleTime Meditations have been designed specifically for the CandleTime Tradition—one Meditation to go with each candle.

Short and simple, the meditations begin with a few moments of calm relaxation then guide you into feelings of hope, peace, love, and joy. Over the days and weeks you will notice the difference these few minutes of meditation bring to your mind and heart. 

Recorded with kids in mind, don’t let their simplicity fool you. They are effective for both kids and adults.

Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before. These meditations need no previous meditation experience. Just sit in a comfortable position, hit play, and follow the instructions. They are short and super easy to follow.  And by short, we mean short—under three minutes. But in those few minutes these simple meditations bring a feeling of relaxed calm which opens into feelings of Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy. 

Use these meditations either at the beginning or to close your CandleTime Tradition. They are also great for times when everyone is just a bit tired, or crabby, and not in the mood to talk. Used regularly they become a few moments of calm, quiet and “feeling good,” everyone looks forward to.

Considered the Third Gem of the CandleTime Tradition, these meditations are downloadable for easy use.