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Teens Meditating

5 Weeks, May 16 – June 13
Thursdays, 4:15 – 5:10pm
Drop-in $18

Hamsa Meditation Center

Geared specifically for teens, the techniques, activities and meditations in this class will help them find calm, focus, reduce stress, and feel better about themselves.

The class is a fun and meaningful balance between meditation techniques and activities that:

  • Develop concentration and help calm the mind,
  • Relax the body and increase body awareness,
  • Reduce stress – teens experience way too much stress these days!
  • Empower teens to be aware of their thoughts and feelings without judgment.
  • Help teens discover they can choose how to respond – not react – to given situations.

Meditation is a proven way to help teens cope with the stresses and confusion of home, school, and life.

Your teen will discover a new sense of calm as meditation helps reduce stress, increase confidence, improve focus, and gives them the power to choose their responses.

Here’s a message I received from a mom the last time I taught this class:  My son really enjoyed your teen classes and felt they helped him. The other day he said, out of the blue: “Meditation is really helping me. The other day I was really mad at you and about to do something stupid but I controlled my brain and got a glass of water instead.”

Location: Hamsa Meditation Center