A special summer mini-retreat to get your Prana flowing! 

Saturday July 20   9:00 – 4:30|
Sunday    July 21   11:30 – 1:00

Full Weekend Mini-Retreat $175
Saturday Only $160
Sunday Only $35

In Person with Agnieszka Miskiewicz
Location: LiveWell Camas

Space is limited. 


There’s a myth that meditators love yoga. But it’s not true. Most meditators find twisting and bending their bodies into poses to be quite uncomfortable and painful.  They’re totally content to simply sit and meditate and let the whole yoga thing go. But did you know there is a style of yoga that is perfect for meditators and that meditators actually excel at. It’s an approach to yoga that is all about balancing Prana—and meditators know a lot about Prana!

Prana = The primal force of the cosmos that exists in all life-forms. Also known as chi, Qi, life-force, subtle energy.

It’s the Prana flowing through your being that allows you, as a meditator, to:

  • Float in that space of stillness and spaciousness.
  • Find micro-moments of breathlessness in the pause.
  • Go deeper in your meditation.
  • Carry a feeling of equanimity with you during your day.
  • See the blue light!

For a meditator, Prana is the link between this physical world and the subtle, spiritual realms. It’s the energy, the force, that lifts your consciousness and allows you to perceive the spiritual nature of your existence. That’s a big deal!

Did you know that, at its heart, in its essence…

Yoga is really about organizing and balancing Prana!

This mini-retreat is your special opportunity to be in-person with Agnieszka—as a special treat we’re flying her in from Chicago to be with us for the weekend. Also known as Mishka, she has been a teacher of yoga teachers for almost two decades and she particularly loves sharing this style of yoga with her fellow meditators. Over the weekend, you’ll experience how to use supported yoga poses—kind of like restorative yoga, but not quite as passive—to open and balance the flow of Prana in your being.

Using mindful awareness—meditators are really good at this part—you’ll be guided to penetrate deeply into the patterns residing in your body and also guided to use the breath to release those patterns. By making micro-adjustments to the body, combined with conscious movement of the breath and Prana, you will learn how to open up the pathways for the Prana to flow freely.

When Prana flows freely, you will feel more balanced,  harmonious, equanimous, happy, energized, clear, aware, connected, and wise. Your spiritual awareness will increase and flourish.


Here’s what we’ll be covering:

9:00–12:00 Lower body and hips
1:30–4:30 Chest and shoulders
*For those who are able to get up and down from the floor with some ease. 

SUNDAY* July 21
11:30–1:00 Chair Yoga
*For all ability levels.


Who is the Mini-Retreat for?

The workshop is suitable for meditators, curious students, teachers, and future teachers.
Saturday is for those who can comfortably get up and down from the floor.
Sunday is open to all abilities.

We’ll have mats, blankets, blocks, straps, and chairs available but encourage you to bring your own props if you have them.

Discount and Coupon Codes not applicable for this Mini-Retreat

Location: LiveWell Camas, Camas WA