Discover why the Winter Solstice is the most important time for setting intentions!!

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In this free, 5 minute webinar, you’ll discover the importance of this time of year in setting your intention.

“I have worked with Caren for more than 5 years.  Her insight and process for discovering what's important to you, is incredible.” - JD

You’ll walk away with:

  • Why we use this time of the year to set intentions.
  • How intention setting fits it with the cycle of life.
  • What is the power of one intention
  • A pdf document demonstrating the power of this time of year.

Meet Caren

Meditation Momma is the affectionately humorous name Caren’s students gave her in 2010. It’s meant to convey the nurturing, caring, and affection, Caren’s students feel from her, and that Caren feels for her students.

Over the years, Meditation Momma LLC, has evolved into an umbrella organization that’s provides a home for Hamsa Meditation Center, and the CandleTime Tradition. Meditation Momma also hosts a podcast that offers inspiration and support to those seeking to integrate meditation into their lives. It is our joy to help others experience the transformational benefits meditation brings.

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