2024 Meditation Immersion Program
Meditation Teacher Training Certification Option

Begins March 1, 2024

Applications are being accepted now!

Space is limited.



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We're delighted to offer the Hamsa Meditation Immersion Program for those of you interested in:

  • Deepening your meditation practice,
  • Personal transformation,
  • Learning about the incredible wisdom found through meditation.

Want to teach?

For those who feel a call to teach, we offer the option take an extra 30 hours of training during the program to meet the requirements for our 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Certification. Upon completion of the Program you will be able to teach authentically—in both formal and informal settings—from your own experience. And that's the best kind of teacher there is.

What we do is unique!

The transformative power of our unique curriculum is of value to anyone wanting to take a deeper dive into the rich, wisdom-filled world of meditation. You can fulfill your desire to immerse yourself in an extended period of meditation—kind of like going away to a monastery or ashram for nine months—but without the expense or disruption to home, work, and family, that comes when you have to travel far away.

What's unique about our Program?

Over 170 of your 200 hours of training is personal!


Most programs have pre-recorded content with live Q&A calls so they can accommodate very large groups. But, here's the thing... the completion rate for these kinds of self-driven  programs is 6%. Yes, you read that correctly, six percent!

Our completion rate is 98% and that's only because health  issues prevented someone from getting their certification hours in. This is a personal program, that's invested in you.

Now if that sounds horrifying to you because you prefer the anonymity of pre-recorded content, then this obviously isn't the program for you so keep looking. There are many many programs out there and you will find one that works for you!

However, if the opportunity to:

  • Be in a small online program that gets to know you and personalizes the content for you so you can:
    • Learn how to recognize and adapt the techniques that work best for your unique needs, personality and beliefs,
    • Deepen and personalize your own meditation practice,
    • Transform at levels only direct contact with a teacher facilitates,
  • Ask questions and have them answered in real time, engage in stimulating dialogue, and ask follow up questions so you can,
    • Discuss what you're learning at depth with people who are as interested as you are in the subject matter,
    • Share your personal insights and experiences with others who are genuinely interested in what you have to say,
  • Participate in a program that understands you are already living a life and shows you how to show up authentically for the very life you are living,

...if this sounds heavenly, then this program might be your dream come true.


Take a few moments to  check out the rest of the information on this page, then browse through our website to see if Hamsa Meditation Center is a good fit for you. If we are, then we would love to have you apply!

The application deadline is midnight, January 30.
Space is limited.

A final personal note:

Over the years, as I've continued my development as a teacher— I take at least three trainings a year—it's become clear to me that personal contact is what provides the most meaningful and transformational experience possible. There are many programs available online, on CDs, or as digital downloads, which sounds great because you can go at your own pace and rhythm. But the reality is—and I've seen this play out too many times to count—the vast majority of students never finish the program. They end up abandoning the course or paying to retake it and then, yep, you got it, they still never finish. It's happened to me and I've watched it happen to countless others.

This isn't what I want for my students. Rather, my goal is this:

You will complete the program and in the process experience the transformation, peace, and equanimity, meditation brings.
This program will change you.


The Hamsa Meditation Center Immersion and Teacher Training focuses on personal interaction between teachers and students. The vast majority of your hours are spent learning and practicing in class together! The personal interaction makes a world of difference in the richness and depth of your learning experience.

Closing Thoughts ...

My guru often said to me,

"Caren, if you want to learn about meditation, teach!"

And, he was right! What I've learned about meditation over these years has transformed me,  my relationships, and my life.

If what you’ve seen here resonates with you, I would be honored to accompany you for these next steps on your journey towards transformation. I love this path dearly and it gives me great joy to share all that my teachers have shared with me, with you.


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