Meditation Momma Podcast Trailer


Ready for practical wisdom that isn’t just platitudes and rehashed inspirational quotes? Ready to hear the truth about yourself? About life?

The world of Meditation is filled with the kind of  wisdom that isn’t popular—isn’t easy. But it works. It works because it cuts to the core of what’s really going on and trains us to get past all the judgment, expectation, shame, anger, overwhelm, jealousy, stress and anxiety so we can discover who we really are, learn how to love ourselves, and become our own best friend.

Why is this important?

I'm going to share a very simple, but hard, unpopular truth that's a good example of the kind of wisdom we share in this podcast:

No one is responsible for how you feel but you.  

It goes against so much of what we've been taught doesn't it? But, what if it's a truth...? What if you could be done trying to fit into someone else’s world, on someone else’s terms?

Caren Prentice, Meditation Momma

There’s a way to live where you:

  • Aren’t responsible for anyone else’s happiness—only yours.
  • Can get along better with your kids, spouse, family, friends, neighbors—and especially yourself.
  • Move through intense emotions to discover—without judgement, fear or shame—how to be authentically you.

There’s so much more to say and share. Join me, Meditation Momma, as we discover how meditation can give us another way to do this thing called life. Why?...

Because... This Sh*t Works!