Our Sangha (Our Community)

Hamsa Meditation Center is all about creating a community—known in meditation land as a sangha—to support each other as we use the skills, teachings and techniques meditators have been learning and practicing for centuries, to create more harmonious, balanced and fulfilling lives. We consider ourselves translators creating a bridge between traditional teachings and our very modern lives.

We are real people, leading real lives, with jobs and families, dreams and heartaches. Everything we teach has at its core a recognition that everything you need, is already inside you. We are not a religion or a religious center. We encourage you to become aware of your own experience, and use that awareness to discover and trust the teacher, or guru, within you.

We meditate. We teach meditation. We believe having a robust toolbox filled with meditation techniques and teachings is the single most important gift meditation has given us, and will give you.

Through meditation we become aware of the wisdom and grace that arises within our own being when we quiet the mind, balance the emotions, and open to the experience of beauty and love that pulses and undergirds all life.

At Hamsa we view the earth life as our spiritual life, the spiritual life as our earth life. They aren’t separate. Our life is our meditation practice. Our meditation practice is our life.

We call it the Hamsa Way. It’s a beautiful, transformative, and rewarding path.