Who/What is Hamsa Meditation Center


Once upon a time we were an in-person meditation center but then Covid hit! Boom, just like that, we found ourselves moving out of our physical space and moving online. But rather than it being a disaster, something remarkable happened. We discovered we could connect easily with our students in other cities and states.  All of a sudden, people who couldn't drive through rush hour to the center, could join us online. Today we are a thriving community of people from all over the country who care about each other and love to meditate and grow together.

Our goal is to help you experience the transformational power of meditation. Whether you are just beginning, you consider yourself an advanced practitioner, or you're simply looking to find a community of like-minded souls to mediate with, we’ve got something for you.

But let's be clear from the get-go, we’re not trying to sell you on any religion or particular philosophy of meditation. We have a strong background in Mindfulness, Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Christianity, and we value what science brings to the table. We are inquisitive, curious, easy going and open-minded.

We've learned that, when it comes to meditation, one size does not fit all. So we intentionally offer different approaches to meditation to help you discover the style of meditation that works best for your body, your mind, your lifestyle, and your personality. See "What We Teach."

We are about meditation. We teach meditation and how to use it in our life because we believe having a robust toolbox filled with meditation techniques and teachings is the single most important gift meditation has given us, and will give you.

Through meditation you learn how to become aware of the wisdom and grace that arises within your own being when you quiet the mind, balance the emotions, and open to the experience of what is already there, within you, within each of us.

At Hamsa we view the earth life as our spiritual life, the spiritual life as our earth life. For us, they aren’t separate. And so it naturally follows that we use our life is our meditation practice. and our meditation practice becomes our life.

We call it the Hamsa Way. It’s a beautiful, transformative, and rewarding path.

We love meditation and the transformation it’s brought to our lives. For many of us, meditating feels like coming home. If any of this resonates with you, we’d love to meet you and mediate with you online.

The True Story of How Hamsa Meditation Center Came to Be...

I never wanted to have/run a Meditation Center. Ever. Once again, just like being given the name Meditation Momma, it all fell into place without me really realizing what was happening. The only reason I was even looking for a space to teach meditation was because the wellness center where I’d been teaching was closing. After twelve years, I had a lot of cushions, chairs and props, and needed someplace that would fit all of ‘the stuff.’

As fate would have it, a new wellness center was opening even closer to my home so I rented a smallish room from them. It would be my own space, not a space I shared with yoga, pilates, circuit training etc… No more wiping up sweat off the floors, or lugging all the cushions around to set up a class, or put them all away after. Everything could stay in its place!! If you’ve ever had to set up and take down chairs for a regular event by yourself, you understand how enticing this thought was. And even better yet, we had our own entrance!

It wasn’t until we were arranging to get the room painted and carpeted and talking about signage, that it dawned on me like a fog clearing and revealing the full majesty of the Columbia Gorge…I’m not just renting space, I’m opening a Meditation Center. Wtf?!

I truly hadn’t seen it coming. After a moment of feeling totally blindsided, and a little foolish for not seeing it, I had to chuckle at the universe’s cleverness. If the universe had said, “Caren, open a meditation center.” I’d have said, “No way. Who am I to do that?!” But now here it was, a done deal. 🤣

Now it needed a name. Meditation Momma Meditation Center was redundant and just didn’t flow off the tongue. Plus, I was often teasing so many classes a week I was maxed out and yet there was still a need for more classes—which meant I needed more teachers. We needed a name that wasn’t about me, could include other teachers, and still reflect what we stood for.

A few night’s later I was explaining the situation to a dear friend while enjoying a dinner of black bean soup and cornbread. He listened, casually put his spoon back in the bowl and hands under his chin, looked at me with great assurance and said, “What about Hamsa Meditation Center.” He knew the Hamsa—a Sanskrit name for the swan or gander who, no matter how far they’ve roamed, always knows the way home—was the symbol for our go-to meditation technique, Hong-Sau. My heart smiled. And in that gentle little moment, Hamsa Meditation Center took its first breath into being.

About our name: Hamsa Meditation Center

I love the symbolism of the Hamsa—a swan or gander—that always knows when and how to find its way home.

In meditation, we learn—or you might say, we learn how to remember—to migrate home. How to find that place within us where there is always calm, wisdom, peace, contentment, bliss, and happiness. For me, that place of awareness, that remembering of my connection and oneness with all, feels like coming home.

Hence our name, Hamsa Meditation Center, it's where you can learn to find your way home.