Foundations of Meditation

We believe a strong foundation in the basics of meditation is essential for experiencing the transformative benefits meditation brings.

Just as a:

  • carpenter needs a measuring tape, hammer, and screwdriver,
  • baker needs a mixing bowl, measuring cup and measuring spoons,
  • runner needs shoes and socks,
  • quilter needs fabric, needle and thread,

A meditator needs a few basic skills. These skills are often bundled under the label of mindfulness, but let's be clear, mindfulness is a beginning skill every meditator learns. There's much more to meditation than just mindfulness—but that's another discussion for another day.

These are the skills we believe are important to cultivate. And it's what we focus on in our Beginning Meditation Classes.


  • Know the right meditation posture/position for your body. We call it "Finding Your Seat."
  • Become aware of the body.
    • Being able to recognize and identify physical sensations is your body.
  • Cultivate an awareness of the subtle energies in the body.


  • Become aware of a thought as something separate from you.
  • Develop awareness of when the mind wanders to a thought and away from the meditation technique.
  • Know how to bring the mind back when it wanders. Which doesn't mean you can always do it... just that you know how!


  • Be kind and gentle with your self.
  • Release judgments and expectations for how you, or anyone else, should be.
  • Let go of your resistance to Life and accept things as they are with an open heart.

Although these skills may seem to be easy, they aren't. It can take months or years to be aware of sensations in your body if you've been abused, traumatized, or been taught to critique or hate your body. It can take months or years to be aware of your thoughts especially if you don't want to admit your thoughts.

And here's the beauty of learning these basic skills. These are the very same skills you will be using as advanced meditators!