Meet the Meditation Momma Team

What does it take to make all this happen?

Amazing people that’s what.

Caren, Chief Meditator and Tone Setter

These words pass my lips often, "I don't stress." If meditation has taught me anything, it's how to recognize stress as it's beginning and nip it in the bud. That's what I strive to bring to our team. Let's keep the stress out and the joy in. The result? An "A-List" team that makes magic happen and fills my heart with gratitude and joy.

Char, Chief Organizer

Every organization needs a person who’s on top of the details and that’s Char’s wheelhouse. Yes, she’s amazing with Quickbooks, and she’s on top of deadlines, and she can find the folder with exactly what you need in a heartbeat. Most importantly though, she is all about quick response time when it comes to taking care of our Online Subscriber’s needs. Oh, and did I mention she’s smart, forthright, and loves animals? A gem all around.


Lisa, Web Guru Extraordinaire

Talk about calm, easy and fun to work with. Lisa and her team are the unsung backbone of our team. There is no detail too small. No problem too big. Her ability to listen to our needs and think “outside the code” to solve them within budget is amazing. Plus, she’s always upbeat and positive and makes miraculous things happen with the words, “Let me think about that and I’ll get back to you.” When she gets back to me, magic begins to happens. Just like this beautiful site she’s created for us.

When you led us through each of our senses, when we got to taste, I had the sudden impression of the word "sorrow”. Sorrow I could taste… it made sense. I was steeping in sorrow of the past (mistakes) and dread of the future (empty nest) instead of just living joyously in the present.

- Cathy

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