2024 Meditation Immersion and
Teacher Training Program

Begins March 1, 2024



I'm delighted to be offering Hamsa Meditation Center's Meditation Immersion and Teacher Training Program for those of you longing for:

  • Personal transformation,

  • Deepening, or establishing, your meditation practice, 

  • Learning more about the wisdom-rich world of meditation.

Several of my students, inspired by the positive, transformation they've seen in past graduates, encouraged me to offer this program again. It's my honor and my joy to do so.

Please scroll carefully through the descriptions below to see if what we offer, feels like the change and transformation you're longing for.

So much love,

It's not just a course on meditation.
It's a profound life-changing expereince.

~ Agnieszka M 2021 Graduate

What we do is unique!

  • We keep our program small and intimate.
    You learn directly from Caren, and a couple of carefully chosen guest teachers. Each Sunday morning, Caren shows up on zoom with you and your fellow seekers in the program. It's this ongoing, personal interaction that creates the fertile environment where you can learn, practice, grow, and transform.
  • A primary value we hold for our Immersion/Training Program is being responsive to the questions and needs of each person in the group.
    Because we use your life as the 'ground' of your meditation practice, this is not a one-size-fits-all experience. We keep the program personal so you can discover the techniques, teachings, and practices, that work—and don't work—for YOU. Your personality. Your responsibilities. Your lifestyle. Your beliefs.
  • The beauty of this eight-month immersion process, is that it gives you ongoing insight and encouragement to help you practice and apply what you're learning in class, in your very real every day life. The whole point of participating in a program like this is to change, transform, and improve your life, right? So that's where we start—with your life and all it's complicated realities. Day by day. Week by week. Month by month. This is how transformation happens. This is why our program works!

Your earth life is your spiritual life.

Your spiritual life is your earth life.

Meditation isn't about escaping your life, or changing the people in your life. it's about learning how to let go of stress, anxiety, fear, blame, control, shame, and anger, so that you change. As you change, you will find your life filled with the contentment, meaning, and happiness, your whole being longs for.


Why study with Caren?
Here's what her students say...

Your joyous, loving, heart driven teachings delivered with such great awareness of the needs your students and your ability to form your lessons to the collective heart of each group of travelers is one of the most beautiful teachings styles I have ever seen. The love you share with all of us helps me to see that I can love freely. You are my touchstone. You have helped me find out that I am worthy of loving myself and I can love without fear.
~ Michael S

I'm currently taking this class from Tara Brach, who is like world famous, and Jack Kornfield is the other person. But what I'm noticing is they say the exact freaking thing, as Caren says. Like when she answered a question, it was like Caren's voice answering. It's such a high compliment to you, Caren, because we're so lucky to have such quality—the caliber of your teaching—and you've created such an intimate group. It's just really special. So I just wanted to thank you for that.
~ Jeremy Geiger

You are a wonderful role model for showing up and doing the work, having the courage to try new things and learning what works and what doesn't. Incorporating lack of judgment and lots of love in your spirit and your life. Being gentle with yourself. Holding space for life and others. Becoming more awake, alive, aware! For all this and more I am grateful to have you as my teacher, guide, and friend.
~ Jo Ellen Legg

You are a master of Meditation and teaching. Your thoughtful organization and design of the processes were very effective and I feel my personal practice has deepened as a result. Thank you for being my Way Shower.
~ Bruce Gregory

Caren, what you have created and continue to create is so beautiful, so bright, so peaceful, so pure that in that creation itself you show us we are spiritual beings having a human experience—because its beauty is not from this realm. Thank you for the teachings, the insights, the patience. Thank you for loving me just as i am in a way so sincere that not only allows me to believe it but teaches me to love myself too.
~Dina Stults

Thank you for being my Meditation Guide. The transformations and awakenings over the last 4 plus years have truly been a gift.
~Thomas Akeson

Most Other Programs

  • Pre-recorded Content you watch at your own convenience.
  • Live monthly 1 hour Q & A sessions. Sometimes weekly
  • Minimal contact with other participants. Sometimes small groups form and meet at other times during the week.
  • Completion Rate: 5-15%
  • Large class 100-1000 participants
  • Lots of anonymity

Our Program

  • Live Zoom meetings with your teachers on Sunday Mornings. No pre-recorded classes.
  • Questions answered in real time as they arise. No waiting for the 1 hour Q & A.
  • Meaningful connection with a caring supportive community of like-minded seekers, just like you. Sangha connection at Group Meditation each week.
  • Completion rate: 98%
  • Small class 5 minimum, 15 maximum.
  • Personalized program because we get to know you.


Over 170 of your 200 hours is spent with your teacher(s).

That just doesn't happen anymore. Here's what you'll get to experience:

  • A small online program that gets to know you and personalizes the content for you so you can:
    1. Learn how to recognize and adapt the techniques that work best for your unique needs, lifestyle, personality and beliefs,
    2. Deepen and personalize your own meditation practice,
    3. Transform at levels only direct contact with a teacher facilitates.
  • Ask questions and have them answered in real time,
    1. Engage in stimulating dialogue, and ask follow up questions,
    2. Discuss what you're learning at depth with people who are as interested as you are in the subject matter,
    3. Share your personal insights and experiences with others who are genuinely interested in what you have to say.
  • Participate in a program that shows you how to show up for the life you have—and use YOUR LIFE as the vehicle for your transformation. As you change what's inside you, your world will change.

If all this stirs something within you... this program might be right for you!

This is a big investment in yourself.
A moment you'll mark time by.

We understand this is a big investment in yourself. We also know it's one of the best things you will ever do for yourself.  So please, take your time with these next steps:

  1. Browse through the testimonials from past graduates below.

  2. Continue scrolling to the section with all the details about the program.  Read through each section to find out the schedule, curriculum, cost, requirements, and bonus goodies.

  3. If you feel like we're a good fit, we'd love to have you apply.

The application deadline is midnight, February 25, 2024.

Testimonials from Immersion Program Graduates

I found myself. I've been hidden for so long. The beauty of this whole process is I've found the place where I can transmute those false parts of me back into the openness and the love and the joy and kindness that I wish to emanate to everyone. I don't have any more words than that because that's where I'm at.

~ Mike DeWig 2022 Graduate

I cannot tell you how much you have changed the direction of my life. You have awoken something in me that is precious. Being a person like me is hard, but people like you make it feel joyous. I love how you make this cactus forget their prickles. You see the soft squishy middle. I don't think you can understand what that means to me.

~ Shari A 2022 Graduate

I found a sense of self and being grounded in who I am in a way that I had never known before. It's really easy for me to get swept up in other people or other things. And this teacher training has really helped me actually get to know who I am. I can go below the waves where like the waters are a little stiller. I'm able to see more clearly what's me and what's not me.

~ Via Savage 2022 Graduate

I feel like that I'm in a change in seasons. And I feel like this class has eased my journey through that. So it's not over. I wish I could sit here and say that I'm some completely different human being than I was when we started. But I do feel very energized by the changes that I have made and that I have seen. And it definitely gives me confidence that I can keep going on this journey.

~Sasha V 2022 Participant

Right before we started this, I asked for a teacher. I remember just sitting there, like, just send me a teacher. I was bored. I was kind of stuck in my practice, and I was like, I need to move on from this. Send me a teacher. And thankfully, I got you to guide us through this stuff. I finally found a teacher. But as the class evolved, I started to realize that I had—how many of us are in here?— ten other teachers that were teaching me. So it was just tenfold. So I'm really grateful for that piece of it.

And when I take full stock of everything that's happened, I can tell you that it's been profound. It's been really impactful, and I think we can all attest to that. I think we can all see that we're totally different people than the people started this program. Again it wasn't a big bang, but it was many little bangs that turn into a big bang, if that makes any sense. So thank you. And thanks to everyone else.

~ Ramon Almonte 2021 Graduate

I had no doubt the Meditation Teacher Immersion was the next step in my spiritual journey. With that being said, I had no idea how much my life would change and still does every day!  The tools that I learned affected my relationships, my encounters and how I’ve come to embrace that everyone is here to teach me lessons.  It’s more than sitting daily for any amount of time.  It’s made me less reactive, less judgmental and more compassionate towards the suffering of others. It’s become my way of life. I’m a softened person if that makes any sense.  So grateful for this program!

~Laureen V. 2022 Graduate

You know, the thing that surprised me the most is the fact that I not only like to meditate, but I am not a creature of habits. I don't like to do things repetitively for a long, long time. I get bored. I want to do something different. And the fact that now it's really important for me to start my mornings with a meditation, and it doesn't matter short or long, depending. But it just gives me a strength that I did not realize how much I needed it. This has just created a value that I had no concept of how much I needed it. It's been a gift. It's just been a huge gift.

~ Andrea W. 2022 Graduate


The application deadline is midnight, February 25, 2024.



A personal note:

Over the years, as I've continued my own growth as a teacher, it's become clear to me that personal contact provides the most meaningful and transformational experience possible. Pre-recorded classes sound great because you can go at your own pace and rhythm. But the reality is, the vast majority of students never finish the program. They end up abandoning the course or paying to retake it and then, yep, you got it, they still don't finish. It's happened to me and I've watched it happen to countless others. This isn't what I want for my students. Rather, my hope for you is this:


You will complete the program and in the process experience the transformation, peace, and equanimity, meditation brings.
This program will change you.
...and the trajectory of your life.


Closing Thoughts ...

My guru often said to me,

"Caren, if you want to learn about meditation, teach!"

And, he was right! What I've learned about meditation over these years has transformed me, my relationships, and my life.

If what you’ve seen here resonates with you, I would be honored to accompany you for these next steps on your journey towards transformation. I love this path dearly and it gives me great joy to share all that my teachers have shared with me, with you.


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