April Holt-Geiger

Teaches: Group Meditation

April (she/her) is a spiritual seeker and an experienced meditator with over 12 years of practice. She discovered meditation when a friend invited her to a class led by Caren Prentice, and she knew it was exactly what she had been looking for. April had grown up in a cult and was searching for spirituality without religion. She found what she was seeking when she realized that everything she needed was already inside her. This awareness changed her life profoundly, as a mother, a partner, and an advocate for herself. She wants to share this transformative practice with others who are struggling to find their way.

April’s go-to meditation techniques include R.A.I.N., 3-part breath, and heart center breathing. She believes that meditation clears the mental static and keeps her grounded and at peace with herself. April has studied meditation with Caren Prentice, Positive Discipline Parenting with Glenda Montgomery, Compassionate Communication with Kathy Masarie and NVC with Lashelle Lowe-Chardé.

In addition to meditation, April loves making things beautiful, spending time in her art studio, in nature, dancing, and playing hard with her kids, their 2 cats and energetic dog. She also works as a creative assistant at Hamsa Meditation Center and Meditation Momma. She grew up in a very large family and has always lived on the west coast, currently in Oregon City, Oregon with her husband and love of her life. She has three children; one grown, one in college, and one in high school. She lives by her favorite quote, “Wherever you are, that is the starting point.” by the 15th Century poet, Kabir.