Hamsa’s Online Meditation Membership Program

Welcome! If you are here, it’s because some part of you is looking for support with starting or deepening a meditation practice. You’re in the right place!

Why become a member?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, our membership program is designed to help you explore, try-out, and practice different types of meditation at your own pace so you can find out what works for you.

There are over 150 meditations, tutorials and teachings for you to explore, from different traditions that comprise the core practices essential for a well-rounded practice. Our online member program allows you to explore the path of meditation regardless of your experience, background or your geographical location.

As a member, you’ll have unlimited access to content that has been created with love and care, for all levels.

You’ll discover:

Meditations that take you straight to the heart center, cultivate mindfulness of the present moment and reduce stress, helping you feel calmer, relaxed and less reactive.

Teachings help you integrate and use your meditation in your daily life. They show you how to use the skills you will learn from sitting in meditation to improving relationships with others.

Tutorials answer the question, “Am I doing this right?” by teaching specific techniques and tips to getting the most out of your practice.

Programs that have been carefully curated to take a deep dive into topics such as:

  • Coping with Stress
  • Letting Go of Attachment
  • Deepen your Practice: 7 Days to Settle into Stillness
  • Establishing a Practice - Meditation for Beginners
  • The Meditation Basics - Mudras, Posture and Pranayamas

As a member, you get 10% off Caren's classes, group meditations and workshops, plus free admission to several of our annual events.  You'll also receive invitations to special members-only Q&A's with Caren.

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