Brenda Bonk

Teaches: Meditation for Moms

Brenda began exploring spiritual paths while trying to find genuine connections with other moms in her area. In October 2014, she found a mom’s meditation class taught by Caren Prentice and through that, she discovered a community that has seen her through some of her best and worst times as a parent. She knew she found what worked for her when her older daughter started echoing back some of her breathing and calming tones. The techniques that help her stay in the present moment, especially while raising teenagers, are the 3-Part Breath and Hong Sau. She loves to share her experience on this path of meditation with other moms who may struggle with feeling unworthy, incapable and overwhelmed.

Brenda is a native of Portland, Oregon and resides in Clackamas, OR with her husband of 21 years, 2 teen daughters, 2 beloved cats and 2 lop-eared bunnies. She values nurturing her connection with her large extended family with a focus on the older generations. Brenda’s life is full with her work as an admin assistant for her local school district, but her passion is singing and music and she volunteers her beautiful voice to help others through life transitions.

Brenda can often be found at the end of a work day in comfy clothes, curled up in her meditation nook with a cup of tea and a kitty on her lap, smelling the aromas of her husband’s cooking (she hates cooking, spiders and snakes!). But she’s most relaxed when she’s sitting by the ocean in the middle of winter – her favorite season, where she’s reminded of the words from her teacher, Caren: “Show up for the lIfe you are living, and remember that things happen FOR you, not TO you.”