Astrology from the Beginning

February 27 Workshop

Here is the video from Saturday’s workshop. It is all there except the breakout sessions. If you are watching this for the first time, pause the video when you reach the breakout sessions and take a few moments to do the exercises as best you can. Once you return to the video David explains it […]

March 11

Here is the final video from this astrology series!  David goes into more detail about aspects and how they affect a chart and answers lots of relevant questions. There is one last handout so be sure to look for it in the Handouts section above.  Enjoy!    

March 4

Here’s your video for Week 7!  There’s only one video this week. David was busy answering lots of questions and using charts to demonstrate how orbs of influence, rulership/Lord-ship, and aspects work… So we opted not to interrupt his “roll.” The whole thing runs 95 minutes with lots of clarifying info. Enjoy!   

February 25

Lots—as in LOTS—of info in these two videos! Be sure to check out the Q&A for a visual explanation of the “Orbs of Influence” using a natal chart. It’s a nice clarification for visual learners. There are three new handouts you will find under “Class Six” in the CLASS HANDOUTS section above.  

February 18

Here are both Week 5 videos . The Q&A is short but packed with good information.  David discusses how the aspects influence the planets and signs.  Handouts for this week are in the CLASS HANDOUTS section. Have fun discovering how your personal aspects affect your chart!    

February 11

You’ll find both Week Four videos here. The Q&A includes more insight on Rulership, Elements and Qualities. David also touches on “Why you don’t have to be an Aries to come off as an Aries.” Handouts for this week are in the CLASS HANDOUTS section. Have fun discovering your personal elements and qualities!   […]

February 4

Here are the videos from Week Three. There are two videos. One of the class and the other is the Q & A. David has prepared two pdfs for you. The weekly review AND… DRUM BEAT PLEASE… a pdf with the notes he was teaching from—yes!! Sure beats us having to go slide by slide […]

January 28

Here are your videos for Week Two! The second video is the after-class Q&A with questions about houses and rulerships, why there can be more than one sign in a house, split houses and intercepted signs. All of which will be covered at depth in future classes. The handouts David used are under Week Two in […]

January 21

Here’s the video of our first class. Enjoy!