Astrology 3 – Almost from the Beginning

July 15 ~ Week 3

This was a great class!  David talked in depth about how to “read” someone’s personality using the 1st house, the ascendant and the aspects.  It was both fascinating and clarifying.  Enjoy!   

June 24 ~ Week 2

This week’s class includes a fascinating discussion of the current Saturn square Uranus transit which began a 45 year cycle in 1988 as a conjunction. David brings home the meaning of the ongoing “dance” between Saturn and Uranus. 

June 17 ~ Week 1

A really good class! Basically reviewing the karmic forces that each planet represents. Remember what “they” say! It takes at least seven repetitions to actually grasp/hear a new idea. Hearing these again, in the same yet slightly different words, is very beneficial.