Intro Videos

Resurrection Breath: 2:16 min

Benefits: Builds awareness of the present moment. Trains us to release what no longer serves us and breathe into a new beginning.

Three Part Breath: 4:46 min

Benefits: Also known as deep abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, tradition says the benefits of this breath include heavy oxidation of the blood—which is extremely beneficial for overall health—and purifying […]

Relaxation Breath: 4:40 min

 Benefits: Soothes the nerves; reduces blood pressure, and trains us to relax the body at will—which is essential for reducing stress and improving sleep.

TUTORIAL ~ Counting Breath

 Benefits: Takes us out of the thoughts in our heads and brings us completely into the present moment. Excellent for calming the mind, alleviating fear, worry and anxiety. Reduces […]

Sipping Breath: 3:22 min

Benefits: Activates the liver, reduces phlegm and bile, and improves digestion. Relieves cravings, hunger and thirst. Cools the body. Prevents high blood pressure (but doesn’t cure it). Sipping Breath is […]

Alternate Nostril Breathing:

Benefits: Blood system is oxidized. Prana is circulated through the body’s main energy channels to purify and balance the nervous system. Invigorates the entire body and bring alertness to the […]