Kelsey Williams

Teaches: Group Meditation and Taming the Worry Monster

Kelsey is a mental health counselor based in Portland, Oregon. Her interest in meditation began during grad school when her anxiety became overwhelming. Kelsey was seeking a way to find inner calm and was able to find it through meditation. She studied under various instructors and her go-to meditation techniques include sipping breath, the Ee mantra, and alternate nostril breathing. Kelsey wants to teach anyone who is curious about the journey of meditation and learning new ways of engaging with oneself through it.

Kelsey grew up in a small town in Ohio and comes from a nuclear family of four who values love and expressing that love through quality time spent together. Kelsey is married to her partner, Sebastian, and lives with her two beautiful cats, Yuri and Freya. She loves to journal, meditate, be in nature, read fantasy novels, tarot/oracle cards, and sing. Her favorite season is spring, and she enjoys cooking hearty vegetable stews. Kelsey’s favorite space in her house is her upstairs loft bedroom, which is where she meditates and has set up a cozy, cloud-like escape. She loves tea and prefers a good tea latte with lavender or a London fog. One of her favorite authors is SARK, and her favorite song to sing is Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up Pt. 1.” Kelsey is most relaxed and at peace when she is at home with her partner and cats or when she’s hermit-ing up in her meditation space.