Laura Cizak

Teaches: Meditation for 6 – 8 year-olds

Laura is a dedicated mother of two who, like many working moms, was seeking a bit of refuge and assurance that she was doing a good job. Her confidence began to grow in 2015 when she discovered meditation with Caren Prentice in her hometown of Houston, Texas.  By focusing on her breath, her practice taught her that there’s no perfect way to meditate and that things are actually okay in her life even when they don’t always feel that way.

Laura grew up in Texas in a quiet, hard-working family. She continues to live in Houston where she is balancing raising her two kids and teaching at the University of Houston as a speech-language pathologist. She also loves teaching young children the little tricks of meditation that make life easier and can become second nature when taught early.

When she’s not working or teaching, Laura loves family time with her kids and their scruffy dog Owen, taking walks with friends, or swaying in her bedroom hammock.  Although Laura isn’t into cooking, she does love the smell of coffee, especially if it has lots of sweet chocolate – which is why she’s now a tea drinker – the temptation is too much!

This quote gets her through a long workday and Houston traffic;  “If you take the time it takes, it’ll take less time.” After all, a short cut rarely results in saved time.