One day Mini-Retreat for an Anger-Free life!

Saturday, September 21
8:30-3:30 PT / 10:30 CT / 11:30 ET

Online using Zoom
Caren Prentice


Anger is complicated. I get it.

Over many years, actually for many decades, I lived it. Breathed it. Ran from it.  Suppressed it. Expressed it. Simmered it. Raged it. Stewed in it… I was a Master of Anger. I knew its faces and shades intimately. And I did lots of damage over those years. Lots!

Today my anger is Gone. Gone. Gone.

Little by little it healed, grew up, and was replaced by something I couldn’t even imagine existed—neutrality. An ability to observe and understand without any of the impulsive reactivity that defined me for so long. My ‘temper’ dissolved away and in it’s place I found a deep sense of calm understanding. My relationships improved. I was happier. Why am I sharing all this?  To give you hope.


It is possible to live a life free from anger.
It is possible to heal the damage done by your anger.


This workshop will show you the way out of anger. It will help you understand:

  • The causes of anger.
  • The wisdom of anger.
  • How to find your way out of anger.

I know this path intimately, better than I know many things, and I will be completely honest with you by saying:


It isn’t easy. It isn’t quick.
But it works!


I can’t walk the way out of anger for you—you have to do that for yourself. But here’s what I can do. I can show you the way out. I can detail what to expect and how to:

  • Discover and navigate the different reasons for your anger.
  • Keep from escalating situations and doing more damage.
  • Find your footing through the disorienting moments as you learn not to resort to anger.
  • Discern which techniques work best in which situations to help you heal, neutralize and transform your anger.
  • Hold on to your compass so you won’t give up when you think you’ve lost your way, again.
  • Recognize the markers that show your progress.


This will be a fast moving workshop, we have a lot of ground to cover. There is so much wisdom and insight to share. Things I never heard till I began meditating. My goal is to share all this and more with you and also:

  • Teach you techniques you will use again and again to transform your anger into non-judgmental wisdom.
  • Give you a clear understanding of the path ahead so you’ll know how to handle whatever comes your way wisely, without defaulting to anger or giving up when you do.
  • Show you how to understand, love, forgive, and accept yourself, just as you are. These are the most essential qualities to cultivate if you want to live a life free from anger.

More importantly, my hope is to inspire you to begin. Or, if you’ve already begun, to keep going! The rewards of living a life free from anger are beyond anything you can imagine and worth every step of your journey.

If you want to be free of anger and learn how to heal the damage your anger has done, I sincerely hope you can join me for this transformational opportunity.

This path works!


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