6 weeks, July 20 – August 24
Thursdays  7:00-8:15pm CT / 5:00 PT / 8:00 ET


On Zoom with David Lipschutz


It’s here! The Astrology Class you’ve been waiting for! 

You’ll be offered a simple, practical, easy to understand system for learning the four fundamental principles of astrology:

  1. Planets
  2. Signs
  3. Houses
  4. Aspects

The program will then clearly explain how these principles are woven together. With this knowledge, you will begin to build the skills needed to be able to read and interpret charts for yourself.

All classes will be recorded and available to stream online through March 31.


Topics to be covered include:

  • The Planets – Psychological Urges or Predispositions
  • Zodiacal Signs – Modifying States of Consciousness
  • The Houses –Arenas of Life Where Karma Manifests
  • Astrological Aspects – The Strength & Timing of Karma
  • Chart Interpretation – How to Easily Understand a Chart
  • Symbols & Glyphs – Quick Guide to What they Represent
  • The Significance of the Four Elements
  • The Nature of the Three Qualities
  • How to Recognize Different Types of Karma
  • How Karma and Astrology are Related
  • How to Calculate the Timing & Intensity of Karma
  • Techniques for Softening and Utilizing Karma


Here’s an excerpt from David’s writings that describes what Astrology is:

Astrology is both art and science. It’s the scientific study of cycles and the art of learning to navigate those cycles with wisdom and grace. It’s a system for understanding the pattern of your life with greater clarity and harnessing that understanding as a tool for self-transformation.

Astrology is the mathematical study of your karma. Each life is composed of a unique set of circumstances, events that offer an opportunity for gaining deeper self-awareness and knowledge.

Astrology is the art of applying that knowledge through the science of proper timing.

Astrology reveals when key events will transpire in your life. It offers insight into the nature of your personality, character, and values. It reveals the subconscious forces informing your attitudes toward relationship, career, health, and finances. Your horoscope expresses how these various arenas of your life are interrelated and provides you with a map for attaining greater contentment and success.


We hope you will join us for a fascinating and informative program!




Location: Online