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8 weeks, September 7 – October 26
Thursdays 8:45 – 9:45am  PT /  10:45 CT / 11:45 ET

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Online with Caren Prentice 



Welcome! We’re glad you’re checking out our Women’s Group Meditation.
Meditating even once a week makes a noticeable difference
in your ability to handle whatever life brings your way during the rest of the week. But meditating with a group—especially this Women’s Group—creates a unified field of intention that deepens and enhances everyone’s experience. It’s pretty special!

Our Thursday Morning Women’s Group goes for 60 minutes which allows just enough time for:

  • An opening meditation to relax the body and quiet the mind.
  • A short teaching, or story, followed by discussion and/or questions,
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Checking in and sharing how we’re integrating our meditation into our lives,
  • Closing Meditation to help you return to your day ready to handle whatever comes your way with equanimity, clarity, and wisdom.

Join us to reap the unique benefits and sense of community that comes from meditating with a group of like-minded women.

Previous meditation experience is recommended for this class. Which simply means:

  • You know how to keep your body comfortable and are comfortable taking care of your needs.
  • You know how to bring your mind back when it wanders without being reminded.
  • You can sit with a technique for five to ten minutes in the silence.
  • If you are not familiar with the following techniques we suggest taking one of our Beginning Classes before joining this Group:
    Pranayamas like Sipping Breath, 3 Part Breath, Ujjayi Breath or Alternate Nostril Breathing,
    Meditation techniques like: Loving Kindness, Hong-Sau, RAIN, and Tonglen.


How to participate online:

The zoom link for this class will be in your email receipt.
You will also be sent the link an hour before each class.

Location: Online