MEDITATION MAGIC for 6-8 year-olds

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There’s magic and then… there’s REAL MAGIC!

Kids love magic. This class is designed to help them discover the magical powers they have within themselves that will help them deal with life and all its confusion, disappointments and complexity.

MEDITATION MAGIC is the ability to transform stubborn thoughts of:

  • Jealousy into joy,
  • Unfairness into gratitude,
  • Worry into calm.

MEDITATION MAGIC is the ability to transform overwhelming feelings of:

  • Fear into clear-headed awareness,
  • Failure into victory,
  • Anger into self-compassion.

MEDITATION MAGIC is the ability to:

  • Turn a tense body into a relaxed body,
  • Become present in each moment,
  • Let go of hurts and wrongs,
  • Feel Loving Kindness for all beings.

Isn’t this the class we all wish we’d had when we were growing up?!

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