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8 weeks, September 11 – October 30
Mondays 7:00–8:30pm CT/ 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT

Drop-ins welcome $30

Online with Caren Prentice

As moms, we often feel we are falling short or screwing up—never doing a good job at anything. Especially in these times of Covid 19, everything is changing. Think about it, no moms have ever had to parent in the world you are living in—ever! This is all new and there is no map. There is no “right way.” How can there be? No one has ever done this before.

When the outer world is this uncertain, it is more important than ever to work on yourself. To find your center.

Meditation for Moms is all about you. 

  • It’s not about changing your partner, your kids, or the world—it’s about changing you. Making you wiser, stronger, kinder, calmer. We call it being unf*ckwithable.
  • It’s not about blaming anyone—it’s about becoming less reactive.
  • It’s not about parenting—although it definitely makes us better parents.

Meditation for moms is about learning how to use the tools meditation gives you to become less stressed, less anxious, less angry and less impatient. It’s about getting off ‘your own case’ and becoming kinder and more authentic with yourself.

Does it work? Well our families think so! As one mom recounted, “I told my kids, ‘I have meditation class tonight but I’m so tired.’ And my daughter said, ‘Oh, Mom! You should go. You should go. It’s working!'”


*How to participate online:

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