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5 weeks, April 1 – April 29
Mondays  7:00 – 9:00pm
Hamsa Meditation Center


Being a mom is the hardest and most important job on the planet! Yet, as moms, we often feel we are falling short or screwing up—never doing a good job at anything.  We often find the reality of motherhood is bringing out the worst in us, not the best. There’s good news! It doesn’t need to be like this!

Meditation for Moms is a class designed just for you.

In each class we take time to relax the body and settle the mind. We talk, we meditate, we laugh, and we learn how to use the tools meditation gives us to become less reactive, less stressed, less overwhelmed, and less angry. We learn how to cultivate calm, kindness, patience, happiness, and compassion.

Does it work? Well our families think so!
As one mom recounted, “I told my kids, ‘I have meditation class tonight but I’m so tired.’ And my daughter said, ‘Oh, Mom! You should go. You should go. It’s working!’”


The topic for our Spring Series is: What It Really Means To, “Take Care of Yourself First.”

You will be learning and practicing the Four Key Elements for a Successful Meditation Practice within the context of learning how to truly take care of yourself.

I’m not talking pedicures and massages or sneaking some binge-watching time. I’m talking about learning to give yourself the acceptance, compassion and attention you’ve been taught you shouldn’t, or that you don’t deserve. Why? Because, the real zinger is this: if you don’t know how to give these to yourself, you can’t give them to your children, or anyone else.

So yes. Come join us. Give yourself the gift of this time. You will learn some of the most valuable skills meditation has to offer and, in the process, become the mom you dream of being.


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Location: Hamsa Meditation Center