Pre-Meditative Purification


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The Pre-Meditative Purification Technique Meditation is excellent for purifying the Nadis,* the Chakras, and both the physical and subtle bodies. The technique is considered both a pranayama and a meditation. It is traditionally done in sets of 1, 3, 5, or 7.

It is excellent to use as a pranayama in the early morning or before sleep. When used as a pre-meditative technique it helps to quiet the mind and find a place of stillness from which to enter into meditation. When used as a meditation, it brings a deep sense of calm, clarity, stillness and peace in a very short amount of time.

* There are three main nadis that run along the spinal column that are known as 

  1. Sushumna Central Channel,
  2. Ida  /Left or Lunar Channel
  3. Pingala Right or Solar Channel