Via Savage

Teaches: Beginning Meditation for Young Adults

Via (she/they)’s meditation journey began at the start of COVID after her cousin recommended Caren’s class. She didn’t realize how much anxiety had been affecting her day-to-day life until she started meditating and began to feel less anxious and more grounded. After a couple of years on the cushion, Via found that her go-to technique is Hong Sau, which she can do anywhere, anytime. Via is especially passionate about teaching young adults who are curious about meditation, a practice that she sees as an opportunity to quell the inner critic and reconnect with one’s true self in this busy digital age.

Via grew up in Davidson, North Carolina, with parents who valued honesty, creativity, and self-reflection. She spent several years in LA honing her craft as a tattoo artist and recently re-located to Brooklyn NY where she now lives and works. Via’s favorite room in her new apartment is her bedroom, where she can draw, read, or meditate undisturbed. In her free time, she loves singing, reading, and rock climbing/bouldering. Via’s favorite book is Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, and her favorite song is Bleed to Love Her by Fleetwood Mac. Via enjoys sweet jasmine green tea lattes, and has found that the quote from Teddy Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” to be an important reminder for her these days.