You Are Not Alone

Once upon a time we were an in-person meditation center but then Covid hit! Boom, just like that, we found ourselves moving out of our physical space and moving online. But rather than it being a disaster, something remarkable happened. We discovered we could connect easily with our students in other cities and states.  All of a sudden, people who couldn’t drive through rush hour to the center, could join us online. Today we are a thriving community of people from all over the country who care about each other and love to meditate and grow together.

Our goal is to help you experience the transformational power of meditation. Whether you are just beginning, you consider yourself an advanced practitioner, or you’re simply looking to find a community of like-minded souls to mediate with, we’ve got something for you.

But let’s be clear from the get-go, we’re not trying to sell you on any religion or particular philosophy of meditation. We have a strong background in Mindfulness, Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Kashmir Shaivism, Christianity, and we value what science brings to the table. We are inquisitive, curious, easy going and open-minded.

We’ve learned that, when it comes to meditation, one size does not fit all. So we intentionally offer different approaches to meditation to help you discover the style of meditation that works best for your body, your mind, your lifestyle, and your personality. See “What We Teach.”