TAMING THE WORRY MONSTER ~ Meditation for 9-10 year-olds

6 weeks, January 16 – February 20
Tuesdays, 4:00 – 4:45pm PT / 6:00 CT

Online with Kelsey Williams


For this age group (9 & 10 yrs old) we keep it fun—as in really fun—even as we teach the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation. You’ll be surprised how quickly your kids will pick it up!

Here’s what Kelsey will cover through engaging, age appropriate language and activities:

  • Exploring what mindfulness is and how your tween can use it to help them come back to the present moment when worries start to appear.
  • Showing them how to pause so they can tune into their own experience—and the world around them—with wonder and gratitude.
  • Practicing how to connect to their minds and bodies in fun and calming ways.
  • Guiding them to use their imagination so they can feel more peaceful and, from that place, compassionately interact with their emotions and thoughts.

We’re committed to creating a safe space during our time together so your tween will know they’re joining a community of fun and kindness.

Why do these skills matter? Because they help train our kids — in a fun easy way — to pause before they act, to pause before they speak, and to not believe every thought that comes into their head.  Little by little these simple skills can make a big difference — helping them discover resources within themselves to deal with life’s complexities.

Kids learn quickly! In no time at all your child will be teaching you how to meditate!


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Location: ZOOM