8 weeks, July 10 – August 28
Wednesdays, 6:00–7:20pm PT / 8:00pm CT / 9:00pm ET

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Online with Ramon Almonte & Kelsey Williams

Wednesday Evening Group Meditation 

Welcome to the path of the Practical Mystic.
Here’s the dilemma…

Practical people value the importance of learning how to hold down a job, put food on the table, clothes on their back, and pay their bills. They are dedicated to their families, their careers, and saving for retirement. Learning how to navigate fear, stress, anger, sorrow, shame and anxiety are important if they help them have fulfilling relationships and get ahead at work.

A mystic wants to navigate fear, stress, anger, sorrow, shame and anxiety so they can become whole and experience their connection with the Divine, the Ultimate Reality, Love, Spirit, God, Heaven, Realization, Source…  A mystic is often more interested in experiencing the inner realms where equanimity, compassion, kindness, love, connection, and wisdom abide, than in pursuing the trappings of a successful earth life.


This class is for those of you who want both.


Practical tools you can actually use to help you deal with the:

  • stress at work so you can get through that presentation,
  • partner who’s convinced you’re not doing your share and doesn’t want to have sex with you,
  • kids who won’t do what you ask and your frustration keeps turning into full blown pissed off, anger.

Meditative moments that help you:

  • relax deeply enough to forget the physical body,
  • slip into a spacious sense of calm, still, compassionate, aware presence.
  • feel peaceful, connected to something bigger than you, and aware of who you really are. Ahhhh…..


It’s possible to have both.

Through stories, teaching, meditation, pranayama, discussion and mindful awareness, this group meditation will give you the skills and tools to put your meditation practice to practical use AND experience the deep calm, equanimity, clarity, and wisdom, meditation brings. 


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