This class will return September 2024.

Online with Darcey Bone & April Holt-Geiger


Meeting You Where You Are

Learn how to become present for what’s really going on in your life. The first step? Becoming aware of what’s going on in your body, your mind, and your heart. Most of us have spent decades ignoring, denying, judging and resisting what is present in our bodies, minds, and hearts. The result? Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Anger. Resentment. Shame.

Wouldn’t you rather show up for the life you’re living with acceptance, kindness, and equanimity? We can teach you how.

In this group meditation, we practice techniques and skills that train us to live more fully in the present moment. Why? Because the present moment is the only place where the equanimous mind and compassionate heart are found—not in tomorrow, not in the past—in each present moment.


Being present means accepting what is happening in each moment without judgment or resistance.


This isn’t easy to do. We find the support to do this by meditating together. We invite you to begin your week with us! Together we will learn and practice the skills you need to:

  • Recognize what’s going on in your body, your mind, and your heart in ways that aren’t overwhelming,
  • Dismantle thoughts, beliefs, and judgments, that have you trapped in patterns that aren’t serving you.
  • Provide in-the-moment ways to meet the challenges of life.
  • Navigate and neutralize intense emotions.
  • Replace feelings of anxiety, stress, fear and anger with calm, acceptance, kindness and equanimity.

You don’t have to be an experienced meditator to learn these skills. If you’ve never meditated before, don’t worry – we’ll meet you where you are! We keep things relaxed and casual by providing a welcoming space where there’s no judgment, expectation or agenda for how you ‘should’ meditate!

You can literally come as you are and you’ll be in good hands.


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