Author: darceybone

MEDITATION ~ A Brief Meditation on the Breath

 No previous experience necessary! This brief Meditation on the Breath leads you into “calm presence” as you are guided to: Engage the Senses, and Rest Your Awareness on the Breath. 

The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga

This is the most complete text available on the theory and practice of Kriya Yoga. Kriyananda takes the student step-by-step through the eight stages of Patanjali’s Kriya Yoga system, hatha yoga, pranayama, mantra, meditation and samadhi.  If you could only have one book on the esoteric pathway of yoga, this would be it!  

Autobiography of a Yogi

Yogananda was the first yoga master of India whose mission brought him to live and teach in the West. His firsthand account is told thru stories of his experiences and childhood revelations in India. Travel along with him, as he visits  saints and masters and shares the long-secret teachings of Kriya Yoga and Self-realization.

Mindfulness for Beginners

Mindfulness for Beginners provides instruction to help us shift, moment by moment, into a more spacious, clear, reliable and loving connection with ourselves and the world.  Learn how to transform your relationship to the way you think, feel, love, work and play.  

Radical Acceptance

Tara Brach offers a way out of suffering which often leads to self-judgments, relationship conflicts, addiction, and loneliness. She masterfully offers a step-by-step guide to heal fear and shame—helping to build loving, authentic relationships with others and ourselves. This is a book you’ll pick up again and again for nuggets of wisdom.

10% Happier

Harris offers a candid, often hilarious and compelling journey to tame the voices in his head, find freedom from anxiety, and discover happiness along the way. Even if you’ve never meditated, this book is accessible and relatable. If you’re a pragmatic skeptic this book is for you.

When Things Fall Apart

This is our all time favorite book!  We read it again and again when life gets challenging.  Drawing from traditional Buddhist wisdom, she offers life-changing tools for transforming suffering and negative patterns into habitual ease and boundless joy. This is must have for any meditator, non meditator or anyone who breathes.

April Holt-Geiger

April (she/her) is a spiritual seeker and an experienced meditator with over 12 years of practice. She discovered meditation when a friend invited her to a class led by Caren Prentice, and she knew it was exactly what she had been looking for. April had grown up in a cult and was searching for spirituality without religion. She found what she was seeking when she realized that everything she needed was already inside her. This awareness changed her life profoundly, as a mother, a partner, and an advocate for herself. She wants to share this transformative practice with others who are struggling to find their way.

Brenda Bonk

Brenda began exploring spiritual paths while trying to find genuine connections with other moms in her area. In October 2014, she found a mom’s meditation class taught by Caren Prentice and through that, she discovered a community that has seen her through some of her best and worst times as a parent.

Gena LaFrenier

Gena began searching for peace, community, and a different way to approach life following the unexpected passing of her husband. She started taking yoga classes and exploring meditation under Jan Engels-Smith at Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies. Gena stumbled upon group meditation classes offered by Caren Prentice, which soon became her refuge where she found love, acceptance, and belonging with the sangha. Her dedication to meditation has continued over the last 12 years, learning techniques to stay present and to show up for her life JUST as it is. Among her go-to techniques are the 3-part breath, Hong Sau, and alternate nostril breathing which help her stay in the present moment.

Janet Elliott

Janet was seeking peace and calm in her life and she knew she’d found it when tears began to flow during a meditation, signaling a release of emotions. The grounding and increased calmness she experiences keeps her meditation practice regular. Janet has been practicing meditation for about 8 years and earned her certificate to teach meditation through Hamsa Meditation Center. In her teaching, she hopes to impart that meditation is a practice, and there’s no wrong way to do it. Janet’s go-to meditation technique is following the breath; it’s a constant companion, always present. She has studied with Deepak Chopra, the Art of Living teachers trained by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and currently with Caren Prentice.